Commercial Law
Preventing legal issues in commercial dealings begins with the right structure and legal documentation from the start. Through meticulous contract drafting, in-depth legal research to pinpoint your legal standing, and identification of potential risks, Thanee Law is here to guide you toward the best legal solutions to avert, address, and resolve issues, ensuring your business operations proceed smoothly. Additionally, we advocate for our clients in negotiations with opposing parties. Our commercial legal services include: - Contract structuring - Negotiations with counterparties - Contract execution - Providing legal opinions - Managing Employment Contracts and Employer Disputes. more
Corporate Law
Thanee Law provides comprehensive legal support for corporate clients, covering everything from company formation to restructuring, and including secretarial services. Our expertise extends to drafting Partnership Agreements, facilitating Joint Ventures, and guiding Mergers and Acquisitions, along with conducting thorough legal due diligence. Our corporate legal services include: - Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - Corporate structuring and restructuring - Partnership agreements - Joint ventures - Secretarial services for maintaining corporate records. more
Real Estate Legal Service
Navigating the ever-changing landscape of real estate regulations in Thailand can be daunting, leading to time-consuming and costly processes without proper guidance. Thanee Law streamlines property transactions and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), ensuring efficiency and peace of mind. Our services include support with Title Searches, Buying and Selling, Leasing, Time-sharing Agreements, and Assets & Property Management Agreements, among others. Our real estate/property legal services cover: - Buying/selling of property - Leasing agreements - Time-sharing agreements - Asset and property management - Legal due diligence - Construction contracts. more
Our firm hosts a specialized litigation team, renowned for their professional expertise and ability to resolve disputes effectively. With a wealth of experience, our team excels in devising tailored solutions that meet the needs of all parties involved. Our approach is client-centric, ensuring personalized strategies that align with your objectives, across a broad spectrum of legal disputes. Trust us to navigate your litigation challenges with precision and care, aiming for the best outcomes for you. more
Our legal team collaborates closely with seasoned arbitration experts to deliver top-tier arbitration services for both domestic and international cases. We offer comprehensive arbitration support, including: - Initial review and risk analysis of claims - Strategy development for the arbitration process - Preparation of all necessary submissions - Representation of clients at hearings Beyond arbitration, we also represent clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures, such as settlement negotiations and mediation, providing a full spectrum of dispute resolution services. more
Notarial Services (Notary Public)
Thanee Law offers specialized notarial (Notary Public) and document authentication services, critical for legal and official transactions. Our team ensures every document is accurately notarized and authenticated, meeting the highest standards for both personal and business needs. Our services streamline agreement execution, identity verification, and document certification for global acceptance. Committed to precision and efficiency, Thanee Law meets the varied notarial and authentication needs of our clients with unwavering reliability. more
Visas & Immigrations
Our expert services are designed to streamline the intricate visa and immigration application process for individuals across a diverse range of needs. Whether your move is motivated by employment opportunities, educational pursuits, family reunification, retirement plans, business investments, or participation in the Elite Privilege Program, we offer personalized assistance to guide you through each step of the legal landscape with ease. - **Work and Study Visas:** Support for professionals and students aiming to broaden their horizons internationally. - **Family Visas:** Assistance in reuniting families across borders with comprehensive application support. - **Retirement Visas:** Tailored guidance for retirees seeking a peaceful life abroad. - **Investor Visas and Elite Privilege Program:** Expertise in navigating investment opportunities and exclusive programs for a seamless transition. By choosing our services, you benefit from a personalized approach that ensures a smooth and successful application process, allowing you to focus on your new venture with confidence. more
Other Legal Services
Thanee Law provides comprehensive support in personal legal matters, including marriage registration, divorce proceedings, drafting prenuptial agreements, and handling inheritance and probate cases. We also guide our clients through the preparation of wills and living wills, ensuring their wishes are respected and legally protected. Our services cover: - Marriage registration - Divorce facilitation - Creation of prenuptial agreements - Inheritance and probate advice - Drafting wills and living wills - And more Our expertise ensures that all your personal legal needs are managed with care and precision. more

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